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Tired of seeing your rocket motor fail to ignite?
Then it’s time for Magnelite!

Available in kit form. No HazMat fee! Does not require a LEUP to store the left over pyrogen! Make several motor igniters in just minutes.

ML-KIT includes the necessary mixing tools, chemicals, and instructions to make 40 grams of pyrogen. This is enough pyrogen to make an estimated 900 non-folded ML-12 motor igniters at a cost to you of around $0.90 a piece! This highly reliable motor igniter is great for all your motor clustering needs, no more need for thermolite!

12 ML-12`s wired to fire simultaneously.
Click for a larger view

The 12 ML-12`s fire with enough heat
to ignite ANY motor cluster!
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Because of the unique mixture, this motor igniter will reliably fire every time even on the most humid of days. Once ignited the pyrogen burns for approximately one second at a temperature around 5,400 degrees Fahrenheit! Maximum amperage requirement for successful ignition is 5 to 6 amps with a minimum amperage requirement of 2.6 amps for 224ms. Each igniter ohms out at 1.0 ohm (+) or (-) 0.2.

Pyrogen Kit (ML-KIT)
Click for a larger view

ML-12 for E - I composite motors and
A on up black powder motors.
Click for a larger view

ML-24 for J - L composite motors
(recommend at least a single fold)
Click for a larger view

ML-48 for M composite motors and up
(recommend at least a double fold)
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the shelf life of Magnelite pyrogen once it is mixed?
At least 1 year in a well sealed container. Never attempt to re-constitute totally dried out activated pyrogen as it is dangerous and could cause it to catch fire during the stirring process before it becomes a liquid again causing serious bodily injury.

Once mixed does the ML-KIT require a low explosives user permit (LEUP)?
Not according to Rocketflight Corporation which manufactures the Magnalite igniters. Rocketflight contacted Bill OBrian with the Public Safety Branch of Explosives (formerly known as the BATF Explosives Division). Bill informed Rocketflight that as long as the customer was using the electric matches for his own use, then no LEUP would be required. However, if the customer were making them for resale they would have to possess a Low Explosive Manufacturing Permit.

How do I fold the igniter wires before dipping for larger motors?
See the images below.

An example of a single fold
Click for a larger view

An example of a double fold
Click for a larger view

Ematches vs. Igniters The difference between ematches and igniters is that ematches are intended to ignite an easy-to-burn substance quickly, such as the BP used in rocket ejection charges. However, an igniter is intended and constructed to produce a large, hot ball of flame for an extended period (say, 0.5-0.75 seconds) to ignite a rocket motor. Ematches typically will not ignite motors unaided as they do not produce a hot enough flame for long enough, whereas igniters certainly could ignite BP. Another significant difference between them, which is critically important for onboard rocket electronic use, is their current requirements. Igniters typically require much more current than an ematch; the current requirements are usually more than altimeters can provide. Therefore, for onboard altimeters, which need to ignite deployment charges, ematches are needed. For staging timers, which need to ignite motors, igniters are needed. Be sure to always check using the equations shown on our Electronics Page and/or in our FAQ to be sure an ematch or igniter will work with your onboard electronic device.

The Magnelite system is intended for high-current ground-based launch systems. It will not work with a PML Co-Pilot Altimeter or PML AccuFire Staging Timer. The pyrogen itself can be used to augment a low-current ematch for onboard ignition, but only as an augmenting pyrogen; the base ematch still needs to be a low-current one for onboard systems, and that certainly isn`t the Magnelite system.

Click here for a "white paper" by Robert Briody of G-Wiz Partners (makers of the PML AccuFire) on the current consumption of various igniters. In PDF format.

IMPORTANT: If placing an igniter pyrogen kit order with PML for the first time, you MUST sign and date the liability release form below and mail it to PML. Photocopies, faxes or scans of the form are not acceptable; an original-signature form must be sent. To speed up your order, you may fax the form to us (fax number is on the form), but you MUST follow it immediately with the original-signature form within 3 business days or we cannot process your igniter pyrogen kit order. This form is not necessary for ordering igniter wires, only the 2-part chemical igniter pyrogen kit. First-time igniter pyrogen kit ordering customers MUST include a photocopy of drivers license or other government issued ID. If ordering other items in web store we will hold the igniter pyrogen kit order until the release form arrives at PML.

Click here for liability release form

Click here for information on what products and shipping methods require Hazmat charges



ML-KIT 40 grams of pyrogen, mixing tools, and instructions. Enough pyrogen for approx. 900 ML-12 igniters
At this time we are shipping Pyrogen Kits only to the United States. Igniters and chemicals can be shipped with other PML products. PML standard shipping rates will apply to chemical and/or igniter-only orders.
ML-12 1 dozen 12" 26 gauge solid copper lead wires and soldered elements. Recommended for black powder motors A and up and E - I composite motors. $12.95
ML-24 1 dozen 24" 26 gauge solid copper lead wires and soldered elements. Recommended for J - L composite motors. $13.95
ML-48 1 dozen 48" 22 gauge solid copper lead wires and soldered elements. Recommended for M and larger composite motors. $14.95
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