Quantum Airframes:
The Quantum Tube (QT), is made from a special blended polymer that is extremely durable and easy to use. You will find this new material easy to work with and
very forgiving. Most hobby type epoxies and paints will readily adhere to this material as well. The Quantum Tube can be squeezed, dropped, or even thrown and will
not suffer any damage as can sometimes occur to cardboard or phenolic tube. The Quantum Tubes are molded in medium gray and have a glass smooth finish. The
Quantum Tube does have one thing missing, the spiral groove! You will appreciate the fact that you no longer have to fill and sand the airframes to achieve the perfect
finish. All PML rocket kits 2.1" dia. through 3.9" dia. come standard with Quantum Tube airframes.

Our larger kits use our kraft phenolic airframes. They can be used as-is or can be wrapped with fiberglass for Level 3 type launches. We can even glass wrap them
for you! See our Airframe page for more details on all of our airframe choices.

Piston Ejection System:
The PML Piston ejection system is the most reliable and effective ejection system ever developed for high power rocketry. You will never again need to stuff your
rocket full of wadding or fiberglass insulation. Partial ejection caused by blow-by as well as burnt parachutes will become a thing of the past. Also, the nylon/rayon
piston retaining strap is heat resistant and vastly reduces the zip cord effect encountered during early or late ejection by spreading the force over a much wider area
than rope or cable. See our Recovery page for more info on our Piston System, DuraChute parachutes, and shockcords.

We have also developed several systems that allow the use of altimeters for chute deployment either in a single chute or dual recovery configuration. See our CPR
page and the Electronics page for more info.

Plastic Nosecones:
The precision molded plastic nosecones combine high strength, smoothness and ease of finishing.
•  HDPE (high-density polyethylene).
•  Thicker wall than competitors; less flex, which reduces paint chipping/flakeoff.
•  Double shock cord/chute eyelets, which make them much stronger.
•  Ridges on shoulder that can be easily sanded to achieve perfect fit; shoulder also provides better sealing, like piston rings in an engine.

Our high quality plastic nosecones are standard with all rocket kits 2.1" dia. through 3.9" dia. Kits in other diameters come with nosecones made of either urethane
or fiberglass. Click over to our Nosecone page for more details.

Highest quality, professionally made, multipanel, 15 degree conical design, rip-stop nylon construction. All PML parachutes have a spill hole at the apex to reduce
sway and drift. The spill hole provides straighter descent and reduces swinging or rotation of rocket under the chute while on descent; the swinging occurs with non-
spillhole chutes due to the chute trying to dump air. See our Recovery page for more info.

G-10 Fins:
G-10 is a highly compressed fiberglass laminate in a high-temp epoxy resin. It is extremely tough, waterproof, and solvent-proof. It is very rigid, yet has just enough
flex to keep it from snapping under a load. When scuffed with sandpaper, epoxy bonds readily to it, and primers and paints adhere well to it too. Fins can be made
much thinner (much less drag) when made of G-10, and still be stronger than most other materials especially wood. It is a very consistent material and does not
have any of the hidden structural flaws that wood may have. Click over to our G-10 Fin page for more details and to see the HUGE selection of fins available.

Phenolic Tubing:
Public Missiles Ltd. was the company that first introduced Kraft Phenolic airframe tubing to high-power rocketry in 1989. Phenolic tubing is a resin impregnated,
spiral wrapped, and heat cured tube. It is much stronger than cardboard tubing, with almost 5x the compression strength. PML Phenolic tubing is heat resistant and
is highly recommended for motor mount tubes. Check out both our Motor Mount page and our Airframe page for the details.
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