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Measure each shroud line and make a mark at the midpoint. Loosely tie the shroud lines at the end into a simple overhand knot, making sure the marks you made stay together.
Holding the shroud lines at the midpoint marks to make sure they stay together, pull the knot tight, leaving a small loop at the end of the tied lines.
Fold the chute panel-over-panel as shown, then lay the shroud lines on the folded chute leaving the knot and loop just below the chute.
Now fold the chute in half twice over the shroud lines, capturing them inside the chute.
Fold the top third of the chute over lengthwise... ...then fold it lengthwise again.
Attach the chute to the shock cord, kwik-link, or other attachment point on the rocket at the loop. Load the shock cord into the airframe, then push in the chute bundle shroud line end first, just far enough to allow easy installation of the nosecone or payload section.

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