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The PML Co-Pilot v3 is a 100% CPR-compatible altimeter at a great price! If you want to fly high altitude rockets in a small field, you`ll need it!

What is CPR?

CPR is an altimeter based, two step parachute deployment system incorporated into our latest line of high altitude rocket kits. Using an altimeter, a small drogue chute is deployed at apogee allowing for a fast decent. At a user-selectable altitude, the altimeter fires a second charge, deploying the main chute allowing for a soft landing. The altimeter is centrally located in a special compartment within the main airframe. The drogue chute is ejected from a split-point in the airframe just above the fin/motor section while the main is ejected at the nose cone. Both chutes are deployed using our exclusive Piston Ejection System. Click the CPR System button in the webstore for more details.

Electric matches or igniters have a higher degree of reliability due to their more consistent current requirements. The altimeters and staging timers that PML offers can be used with most low-current igniters, including flashbulbs. The resistance reading of what you intend to use is important. Here`s why:

E = I x R, where E is Voltage, I is Amperage, and R is resistance. We know the Voltage involved depending on the onboard battery. We also know from the specifications of the unit that the ignition device must fire with a certain amperage range. So, we need to find R, the Resistance, to determine which ignition device can work successfully with the device we intend to use.


Battery = 9 volts
Current = 1.25 amps

E = I x R, 9 = 1.25 x R; rearranging, we get R = 9/1.25 or 7.2 ohms. Your ignition device must be 7.2 ohms or more to work properly with the altimeter using a 9v. alkaline battery.

Igniter manufacturers will specify the electrical usability (ohms & volts) range for their devices; contact the igniter manufacturer for their specifications. We strongly recommend that you check each igniter you intend to use before flight to determine that it is good and within the ohm range needed. We also strongly recommend that you ground-test the electronic device you intend to use with the ignition device you intend to use before committing that combination for use in an actual flight. Ground testing instructions are included in our detailed instruction package provided with each of the Electronic Deployment Devices we sell.

Ematches vs. Igniters The difference between ematches and igniters is that ematches are intended to ignite an easy-to-burn substance quickly, such as the BP used in rocket ejection charges. However, an igniter is intended and constructed to produce a large, hot ball of flame for an extended period (say, 0.5-0.75 seconds) to ignite a rocket motor. Ematches typically will not ignite motors unaided as they do not produce a hot enough flame for long enough, whereas igniters certainly could ignite BP. Another significant difference between them, which is critically important for onboard rocket electronic use, is their current requirements. Igniters typically require much more current than an ematch; the current requirements are usually more than altimeters can provide. Therefore, for onboard altimeters, which need to ignite deployment charges, ematches are needed. For staging timers, which need to ignite motors, igniters are needed. Be sure to always check using the equations to be sure an ematch or igniter will work with your onboard electronic device.


PML recommends the M-Tek or J-Tek series e-matches from MJG Technologies (www.electricmatch.com) for both the original Co-Pilot and the Co-Pilot v.2.0.

We prefer the M-Tek series for use with the AccuFire, though the J-Tek series will also work well provided you use a fresh, new alkaline battery.

Click here for a "white paper" by Robert Briody of G-Wiz Partners (makers of the PML AccuFire) on the current consumption of various igniters. In PDF format.


Also available below are Fore and Aft mounts for the PML AccuFire Timer to allow scratchbuilders the simplicity of mounting the AccuFire in a 38mm tube as shown on the Staging page.



PML Co-Pilot Version 3 Altimeter
Available Now!

The Public Missiles Ltd. Co-Pilot v3 altimeter was developed exclusively for Public Missiles Ltd. by Missile Works Corp., and was designed specifically for PML’s CPR3000 Recovery System (though it can also be used in other applications as well, such as scratch-built deployment systems).


  • Same footprint as the original Co-Pilot and Co-Pilot v2.0.
  • Works just like the original Co-Pilot and Co-Pilot v2.0 in default mode right out of the package, but has MANY new advanced features such as Drogue Delay, Main Delay, multiple Main AGL settings, a programmable “Aux” terminal (and more!) that are user-configurable (see link to instructions below for details)
  • Works perfectly with any PML CPR-3000, CPR-MAX kit, or a custom design of your own
  • 15 flight memory at up to 28 minutes recording per flight
  • USB connection port (requires user-provided USB-A to Mini- B cable). Programing and flight data inspection via PC or laptop becomes a snap with the free mDACS software available below*
  • Optional LCD display allows for quick configuration and read-out at the field*
  • Sea level to 40,000 MSL operational capability
  • Clearly marked, dedicated "large-screw" compression terminals for connecting On/Off switch and ejection charges
  • On-board 9volt battery with heavy-duty mount and lockdown

    * Please note that access to the Base Settings is made available via the CP3 DIP switch and pushbutton interface. The value of all these settings can be verified or reconfigured at any time without the use of the optional LCD Terminal (available only directly from Missile Works at this time here ) or PC USB interface. They provide a “manual” way to set up the CP3. However, the easiest and fastest way to configure the CP3 and review flight data is via the optional LCD Terminal Module or via the free mDACS PC software available below.


  • Interactive menu programming and operation via pushbutton, DIP switches and LED or using the optional LCD terminal or USB connection to a PC
  • All User setpoints are stored in non-volatile EEPROM
  • All flight data is stored in non-volatile FLASH memory for post-flight recall, even across power cycles
  • Complete on-board diagnostic capability, including battery voltage, baro sensor, input and output test modes, and more.
  • Post-flight log data such as peak AGL elevation, peak velocity, time to apogee, and more!

    Click here for the latest PML Co-Pilot v3 Altimeter Instructions in PDF format.

    Click here for the latest version of mDACS software.


    Retired Co-Pilot version documentation:

    Click here for the retired PML Co-Pilot v2.0 Altimeter Instructions in PDF format.

    Click here for the original PML Co-Pilot Altimeter Instructions in PDF format.


PML E-Sled Available Now!

ESLED-PF eSled-PF G-10 mounting sled system for your existing PerfectFlite StratoLogger and StratoLogger CF altimeters. Includes pre- drilled G-10 plate, battery holder and all mounting hardware. This is designed as a direct-fit alternative to the Co-Pilot for the CPR-3000 dual deployment system. Will fit the Fore and Aft Altimeter Mounts supplied with the CPR system. CPR mounts, altimeter, and battery not included. $21.95
ESLED-MT4 eSled-MT4 G-10 mounting sled system for PerfectFlite miniTimer 4 Timer. Includes pre-drilled G-10 plate, battery holder and all mounting hardware. This is designed to replace the AccuFire for the IS-3000 staging system. Will fit the Fore and Aft Timer Mounts supplied with the IS system. Timer and battery not included. $19.95
9V-HLDR-SET 9v Battery Holder Heavy duty, all metal 9v battery holder and all stainless steel mounting hardware. $8.95
IS-3000-FTM Aft Timer Mount Fore Timer Mount for mounting G-10 sled plate. Used to mount timer in 38mm tube (see Staging Page). Requires 2 HDWE-SHC-2/56 (below). $5.99
IS-3000-ATM Aft Timer/Altimeter Mount Aft Timer Mount for mounting G-10 sled plate. Used to mount timer in 38mm tube (see Staging Page). Requires 2 HDWE-SHC-2/56 (below). $4.99
HDWE-SHC-4/40SS Screw, Socket Head Cap, Stainless Steel, for mounting altimeters and timers to G-10 sleds including eSled plate.
4/40 x 1/2". Requires 3/32" Hex Key. 4 per pack.
HDWE-NYN-4/40SS Nut, Stainless Steel, Nyloc type, 4/40 thread. 4 per pack. $0.99
HDWE-FH- 2/56SS Screw, Socket Flat Head, Stainless Steel, for mounting battery holder to G-10 sleds including eSled plate.
2/56 x 3/8". Requires 0.05" Hex Key. 4 per pack.
HDWE-NYN-2/56SS Nut, Stainless Steel, Nyloc type, 2/56 thread. 4 per pack. $0.99
HDWE-SHC- 2/56 Screw, Socket Head Cap, mount G-10 plate to IS3k mounts.
2/56 x 1/4
HDWE-KEY-050 Key, Short Arm Hex, 0.05" for mounting screws HDWE-FH-2/56 $0.49
HDWE-KEY-5/64 Key, Short Arm Hex, 5/64" for mounting screws HDWE-SHCS-2/56 $0.49
HDWE-KEY-3/32 Key, Short Arm Hex, 3/32" for mounting screws HDWE-SHCS-4/40 $0.49
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