RockSim is a rocket design and simulation software package that allows you to build and test-fly rockets on your computer before you ever purchase a kit or begin cutting parts for a scratchbuild design. Both a free demo version and the full version of RockSim are available from Apogee Components.
RockSim v7 and older .RKT files for all Public Missiles Kits:
These files include all Public Missiles kits for use in RockSim v7 and older for flight simulations. You can either view details of the flights included with each of these RKT files, or you can fly them with different motors than what PML did to see their performance. NOTE: The flights that created most of the Motor Recommendations Chart on the Specs Page are included in these files. Requires RockSim 7.0 or higher to run everything in the PMLRKTS.ZIP file. Most files should run on RockSim 6.0, and a few (mostly 29mm only kits) may run on RockSim 4.0/5.0.
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RockSim 8 and newer .RKT Files (PC & Mac Compatible):
These are the identical files to PMLRKTSv7.ZIP; the only difference is they are for Version 8 and above. These files are compatible with RockSim users running both Mac and PC computers.
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All Public Missiles Components in RockSim 4.0 format:
Use these files to import all Public Missiles components into RockSim 4.0. Useful for scratch building and customizing rockets using Public Missiles components. You must install these component files to do any editing of the RKT files above only if you are using RockSim v4. NOTICE: all of these files are already included in RockSim 5.0 and higher; you do not need to download and install these files for RockSim 5.0 and higher.
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RockSim files for all PML rocket kits and components can be found below.

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