Quantum Airframe Tubing

Quantum Airframe Tubing

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Public Missiles Ltd. exclusive Quantum Tube airframes are the best choice for most sport rocketry applications. QT is very easy to work with and finish, with no spiral grooves to fill. It`s very strong and the best choice for most rocket flying. It is also very forgiving of rough handling and resistant to the impacts of harsh landings. However, QT is NOT a replacement for fiberglassed phenolic; it is simply an easier-to-use material in applications that will not be exposed to transonic or supersonic flight. QT should not be used in minimum diameter applications as the severe heat from the motor casing may adversely affect the airframe.
When to use Quantum Tube:
With any rocket 2.1" through 3.9" that will use an internal motor mount tube and will not fly faster than 0.85 matches.
For any rocket 2.1" through 3.9" that may encounter rough handling or hard landings.
Part#  Inner Dia. Wall Thickness  Len. Weight   Cost
QT-2.1 2.152" ~0.063"  36" 10.7 oz. $21.95
QT-2.5  2.560" ~0.060"  36" 11.3 oz. $23.95
QT-3.0  3.002" ~0.072" 36" 15.2 oz. $27.95
QT-3.9   3.900"  ~0.065" 36" 18.0 oz. $30.95
QT-3.9-48 3.900"  ~0.065" 48" 24.1 oz. $38.95


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