Co-Pilot v3.0 Altimeter

Co-Pilot v3.0 Altimeter

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The Co-Pilot was designed to integrate perfectly with our CPR3000 based rockets or your own custom e-bay design

PML Co-Pilot Version 3 Altimeter:


The Public Missiles Ltd. Co-Pilot v3 altimeter was developed exclusively for Public Missiles Ltd. by Missile Works Corp. and was designed specifically for PML’s CPR3000 Recovery System (though it can also be used in other applications as well, such as scratch-built deployment systems).


  • Same footprint as the original Co-Pilot and Co-Pilot v2.0.
  • Works just like the original Co-Pilot and Co-Pilot v2.0 in default mode right out of the package, but has MANY new advanced features such as Drogue Delay, Main Delay, multiple Main AGL settings, a programmable “Aux” terminal (and more!) that are user-configurable (see a link to instructions below for details)
  • Works perfectly with any PML CPR-3000, CPR-MAX kit, or a custom design of your own
  • 15 flight memory at up to 28 minutes recording per flight
  • USB connection port (requires user-provided USB-A to Mini- B cable). Programing and flight data inspection via PC or laptop becomes a snap with the free mDACS software available below*
  • Optional LCD display allows for quick configuration and read-out at the field*
  • Sea level to 40,000 MSL operational capability
  • Clearly marked, dedicated "large-screw" compression terminals for connecting On/Off switch and ejection charges

* Please note that access to the Base Settings is made available via the CP3 DIP switch and pushbutton interface. The value of all these settings can be verified or reconfigured at any time without the use of the optional LCD Terminal (available only directly from Missile Works at this time here ) or PC USB interface. They provide a “manual” way to set up the CP3. However, the easiest and fastest way to configure the CP3 and review flight data is via the optional LCD Terminal Module or via the free mDACS PC software available below.


  • Interactive menu programming and operation via pushbutton, DIP switches and LED or using the optional LCD terminal or USB connection to a PC
  • All User setpoints are stored in non-volatile EEPROM
  • All flight data is stored in non-volatile FLASH memory for post-flight recall, even across power cycles
  • Complete onboard diagnostic capability, including battery voltage, baro sensor, input and output test modes, and more.
  • Post-flight log data such as peak AGL elevation, peak velocity, time to apogee, and more!

    Click here for the latest PML Co-Pilot v3 Altimeter Instructions in PDF format.

    Click here for the latest version of mDACS software.


Diameter: Fits within a 1.5" tube | Height: 5" | MMT: n/a
Parachute: n/a | Payload: n/a
Fin Array: n/a | Fin Thickness: n/a

Motor Recommendations | More Specifications

It is prudent to sim your kit/motor combination using the actual weight of your finished model to determine max velocity, altitude, ejection delay, etc. This will allow you to make an informed decision when selecting a suitable motor for your rocket. Please download and read the PML FAQ and/or consult with a NAR or Tripoli certified member to ensure your flights are fun and safe.



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