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PML offers a number of items relating to multi-staged rockets.

First, we offer two-stage rocket kits, such as the Quantum Leap II and Quantum Leap 3000. We also offer this Interstage Coupler system to be incorporated into your own designs.

Interstage Couplers are used to house staging timers and to connect the upper and lower stages together. The Interstage 3000, the latest version from PML, is used in our two-stage rocket kits, but is now available for scratchbuilders designing their own staged rockets. Using an IS3000 system from PML is a quick, simple solution to an often-difficult design problem. Interstage 3000 kits are ready to ship in 2.1, 2.5, 3.0 and 3.9" diameters.

To use an IS-3000 system, the booster needs 3" (regardless of diameter) at the top, just like a regular rocket would for a payload coupler or nosecone shoulder. The sustainer (upper stage) also requires 3" clear at the bottom. Click here for a PDF file that illustrates design requirements for the upper stage. Click here for a file that shows design requirements for the Terrier IS3000.

Interstage 3000 System


  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to prep
  • Standardized design allows easy timer swapping into other Interstage 3000 equipped rockets.
  • Designed to be used with the PML AccuFire Staging Timer on the Electronics Page. Can also be used with Transolve ST-2b timer.
  • Includes everything shown in drawing "Interstage 3000 System" above, except timer.
  • Easy to follow, detailed instructions

Click here for the kit instructions in PDF format; 365kb

Also available below are Fore and Aft mounts for the PML AccuFire Timer to allow scratchbuilders the simplicity of mounting the AccuFire in a 38mm tube as shown above.



IS-3000-2.1 2.1" diameter Interstage Coupler 3000 system $29.95
IS-3000-2.5 2.5" diameter Interstage Coupler 3000 system $30.95
IS-3000-3.0 3.0" diameter Interstage Coupler 3000 system $32.95
IS-3000-3.9 3.9" diameter Interstage Coupler 3000 system $34.95
IS-3000-FTM Fore Altimeter Fore Timer Mount for PML AccuFire Timer. Used to mount timer in 38mm tube. $5.99
IS-3000-ATM Aft Timer/Altimeter Mount Timer Mount for PML AccuFire Timer. Used to mount timer in 38mm tube. $5.99
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