Warranty Policy


What if there is something missing from my kit or order?
- If you purchased your kit or item from a dealer, you must pursue all missing item claims through the dealer.
- If you purchased your kit or item directly from PML via our website, you must make any missing item claims within 30 days of purchase of the item. ALWAYS EXAMINE YOUR ORDER IMMEDIATELY UPON ARRIVAL.

What if something is damaged in my order?
-Call us immediately upon receipt of the damaged order at 810-327-1710. You will be required to keep the damaged box and item a minimum of 5 days after receipt of the order such that UPS can inspect the box and damaged item as required. We will ask for your contact information when you call so we can provide it to UPS.

Which products are covered by warranty?
Public Missiles Ltd. (“PML”) will replace or repair any of its products that are proven to have failed to perform properly as a direct result of manufacturer defect. See the warranty policies below.

What is the term of the warranty period?
Items in question must be returned to the Public Missiles Ltd. facility for examination within 90 days of date of purchase.

Is proof of purchase required?
Proof of purchase will be required as well as a letter explaining the nature of the failure.

What else must I include with my warranty claim?
Customer name, address, and phone number must accompany all correspondence whether email or hardcopy.



READ THIS NOTICE: After reading this warranty and using a Public Missiles Ltd. product, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions contained herein. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions of this warranty, please return the unused product in the original packaging to your dealer or Public Missiles Ltd. for an exchange or credit.

General: No warranty, either expressed or implied, is made regarding Public Missiles Ltd. products, except for replacement or repair, at Public Missiles Ltd.’s option. Only those products that are proven to be defective in manufacture within ninety (90) days from the date of original purchase, qualify. PML shall be the sole and determining authority as to whether the defect is attributable to manufacture. For repair or replacement under this warranty, please send a copy of your paid invoice or other proof of purchase, the product involved, and a brief letter describing your experience with the reported failure. If your inquiry is regarding missing parts, please contact Public Missiles Ltd. Directly via phone or email. Note: Your state may provide additional rights not covered by this warranty.

Limitation of Liability: Public Missiles Ltd. certifies that it has exercised reasonable care in the design and manufacture of its products. Once sold, PML cannot assume any liability for product storage, transportation or usage. Public Missiles Ltd. shall not be held responsible for any property damage, including loss or damage to non-Public Missiles Ltd. rocket vehicles, payloads or equipment, or personal injury whatsoever arising from the handling, storage, use or misuse of our product. In the case of a damaged PML rocket vehicle, PML will replace damaged parts only in compliance with the following:

The rocket and motor in question are an approved motor/rocket combination shown on the PML Motor Recommendations Chart on the PML website, Version 20 (8-23-00) or later.

Payloads or aftermarket items (including but not limited to fiberglass wrapping) are not covered, only the PML rocket vehicle as produced by PML.

The buyer assumes all risks and liabilities therefrom and accepts and uses Public Missiles Ltd. products on these conditions.