Intro For Students & Teachers

PML is well acquainted with the procedures for working with individual schools and entire districts. We accept school P.O.s and can provide W9 forms, CIQ, Form 1295, etc. School discounts are available. Contact us for details and to get set up.

Our webstore is where you'll find over 50 complete rocket kits ranging from beginner level rockets that can be built in a day or two and flown with minimum complexity all the way through to highly advanced projects. There are also nearly 500 rocketry components and sub-systems for the individuals and groups that want to (or must) create a design of their own. All transaction are through our secure server. We accept Credit Cards, PayPal, and school P.O.s.

If by some chance you can't find the exact component you need for your design, take a look at our Custom Work page. Here you'll be able to design you own rocket fins, cluster-bored or otherwise customized centering rings made of plywood or fiberglass, custom tube cutting and slotting, etc.

If planning to purchase a kit, the charts in the Specs Page will give you a good idea of how your rocket will perform with a large variety of available motors. There is also a chart that lists the length, diameter, approximate finished weights, chute size, and materials used in each kit. Another popular chart is great for selecting the right parachute for a rocket of a given weight.

Will you be using RockSim to design and simulate your rockets' performance? Well, here you'll find the RockSim data for all of our kits and most of our components! Just download the .zip files and open them up in the folder RockSim specifies.

Do you have a question? Feel free to contact us! We can answer all of your question ranging from procurment, discounts, item availability, tech support*, to shipping, etc.

*Please download our PML Complete Product FAQ before contacting tech support. 85% of the questions are answered within the nearly 60 page FAQ document. The .pdf file has a clickable table of contents to make finding the answers much quicker.


Most of our component part numbers are based on the diameter of the airframe... well sort of. Actually, they are based on the Inside Diameter (ID) of the airframe.

So if you choose to build a rocket using our QT-3.9 airframe, the rocket will have a 3.9" (ID). Simply add the wall thickness x 2 to the ID to get the actual Outside Diameter (OD) of the rocket. Sometimes you'll hear people say "I have a 4" rocket". This is the approximate OD of their rocket.

So now when it comes time to select parts that fit together, just match up the part numbers and you're all set. Here are a few examples...

If you will be using QT-3.9 tubes for your airframe, you will need a CT-3.9 Coupler Tube to join the airframe sections. You will also need a PNC-3.9 Plastic Nosecones, a PS-3.9 Piston System, and CR-3.9-x.x Centering Rings (x.x will be determined by which size motor mount tube you select).

It's that simple!