Kit Specs and More

PLEASE NOTE: Kit weights have changed over the years due to material changes made over time. In most cases kits are somewhat heavier than listed. Use these listing as rough guidelines only. Due diligence requires that you sim your rocket before flight using the actual weight of your rocket, once completed.

Updates to these charts are being made now, but it may take some time to complete.


The purpose of this chart is to show you various specifications customers are often interested in, such as length, weight, diameter, fin thickness, Center of Pressure, launch lug size, and other information.

Click the link to view the Kit Specs Chart.


The purpose of this chart is to assist you in determining which PML parachute to use based on the weight of either your modified PML kit or your scratchbuild project.

Click the link to view the PML Parachute Size vs. Weight Chart.


The purpose of these charts is to give you an example of possible altitudes that can be attained with various rocket/motor combinations. Motors of different total or average impulse or motors from other manufacturers from those shown on the chart may work as well. Consult your favorite motor manufacturer or dealer for assistance. Please be sure to read the explanations on the first page of the chart. It's tempting just to jump right in and start surfing around various rocket and motor combinations, but the first page has some VERY important information you need to know when using the chart.

Click the link to view the PML Complete Motor Recommendations Chart containing ALL the motors/manufacturers listed below:

  • Aerotech
  • Animal Works
  • Cesaroni (CTI)
  • Ellis Mountain
  • Hypertek
  • and a few examples of 2 Stage flights with various Aerotech motor combinations.