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PML Advanced 7.5" diameter rocket kits are perfect for Level 2 and 3 Cert flights.


1/2 Scale Patriot Missile

Our largest version of the famous PML Patriot Missile. Upgradable for Level 3 cert flight!

Public Missiles, Ltd., the innovators of high power rocketry, bring you this beautiful, semi-scale model of the Patriot Missile! The PML Patriot Missile is 1/2 semi-scale, standing 100" tall. Check out these features...
  • Pre-slotted phenolic airframe
  • G-10 fiberglass fins
  • 54mm motor mount for J through K motors
  • Piston ejection system
  • 22" Payload Bay
  • Multi-panel nylon parachute
  • Payload section with fiberglass nosecone
  • Explicit instructions
  • Painting and detailing sheet

CPR-MAX Upgrade available!

You can now add the CPR-MAX Electronic Recovery System as an upgrade to the 1/2 Scale Patriot for 10% off the regular price of CPR-MAX-7.5! (NOTE: The airframe(s) will need to be cut differently from a stock 1/2 Scale Patriot, so it`s important to order CPR-MAX as an upgrade with your initial order.) For more details on CPR-MAX, go to the CPR Systems page.
Click here for the kit instructions.
Diameter: 7.5 in. | Height: 100 in. | MMT: 54mm
Parachute: 60" & 48" | Payload: 22"
Fin Array: 4 | Fin Thickness: 0.09"

The 1/2 PATRIOT is a massive, nearly 1/2 scale kit for Level 2 and 3 (with full upgrades) flights. This rocket stands 100 in. tall, is 7.5 in. diameter, and has a 4 fin design. This rocket comes standard with a 54mm motor mount and can fly on J thru K motors. At ~235 oz., the 60" & 48" parachute is sized right for the stock kit to make a safe landing under most field conditions. This kit comes standard with our exclusive Linear Rail Lugs for use with 80/20 brand launch rails. The stock airframe is ideal for flights up to approx. 0.85 Mach.

Below you will find a number of upgrade options. Upgrading the parachute size may be necessary if you intend to build heavy or have a hard landing surface (i.e. gravel, pavement, desert playa, etc.). Some motors will accelerate this rocket to transonic or even supersonic velocities. Under these conditions, this kit may require the fin upgrade, foam encapsulation of the fin root, as well as other advanced construction skills.

1/2 Patriot Chute Upgrade (For Hard Surface Landings) from 48&60 to 48&72 - $35.00
1/2-Scale Patriot Fully Fiberglassed Airframe (Includes Double-Wall Coupler) - $210.08
1/2-Scale Patriot Fin Upgrade From 0.093 To 0.125" Thickness - $27.48
Add HAMR-54 Motor Retainer now and save 15%! - $31.40
1/2-Scale Patriot Upgrade to CPR-MAX Altimeter Based Parachute Deployment System - $157.45

Select only one of the following upgrades for this kit
1/2-Scale Patriot MMT Upgrade to Single 75mm - $14.00
1/2-Scale Patriot MMT Upgrade to Single 98mm - $15.00
1/2-Scale Patriot MMT Upgrade to Single 75mm GiantKS (w/o Adapters) - $31.00
1/2-Scale Patriot MMT Upgrade to Single 98mm GiantKS (w/o Adapters) - $32.00

Add now and save:
Epoxy, Quick-Cure (5 min) - $16.99         (Normally $18.99)
Epoxy, Mid-Cure (15 min) - $16.99         (Normally $18.99)
Epoxy, Slow-Cure (30 min) - $16.99         (Normally $18.99)
Adjustable Density Expanding Foam - $16.99         (Normally $18.99)

It is prudent to sim your kit/motor combination using the actual weight of your finished model to determine max velocity, altitude, ejection delay, etc. This will allow you to make an informed decision when selecting a suitable motor for your rocket. Please download and read the PML FAQ and/or consult with a NAR or Tripoli certified member to insure your flights are fun and safe.


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