PML Advanced 7.5" diameter rocket kits are perfect for Level 2 and 3 Cert flights.


1/2 Scale Patriot Missile

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Dia.: 7.5 in.
Height: 100 in.
Weight: 235 oz.
MMT: 54mm
Chute: 60" & 48"
Payload: 22"
FinThickness: 0.09"
CertLevel: Level 2 and 3 (with full upgrades)
Motors: J thru K

Our largest version of the famous PML Patriot Missile. Upgradable for Level 3 cert flight!
Public Missiles, Ltd., the innovators of high power rocketry, bring you this beautiful, semi-scale model of the Patriot Missile! The PML Patriot Missile is 1/2 semi-scale, standing 100" tall. Check out these features...
  • Pre-slotted phenolic airframe
  • G-10 fiberglass fins
  • 54mm motor mount for J through K motors
  • Piston ejection system
  • 22" Payload Bay
  • Multi-panel nylon parachute
  • Payload section with fiberglass nosecone
  • Explicit instructions
  • Painting and detailing sheet

CPR-MAX Upgrade available!

You can now add the CPR-MAX Electronic Recovery System as an upgrade to the 1/2 Scale Patriot for 10% off the regular price of CPR-MAX-7.5! (NOTE: The airframe(s) will need to be cut differently from a stock 1/2 Scale Patriot, so it`s important to order CPR-MAX as an upgrade with your initial order.) For more details on CPR-MAX, go to the CPR/ERM page.
Click here for the kit instructions in PDF format; 202kb
1/2 Patriot Chute Upgrade (For Hard Surface Landings) from 48&60 to 48&72 - $35.00
1/2-Scale Patriot Fully Fiberglassed Airframe (Includes Double-Wall Coupler) - $210.08
1/2-Scale Patriot Fin Upgrade From 0.093 To 0.125" Thickness - $27.48
Add HAMR-54 Motor Retainer now and save money! - $32.95
1/2-Scale Patriot Upgrade to CPR-MAX Altimeter Based Parachute Deployment System - $157.45

Select only one of the following upgrades for this kit
1/2-Scale Patriot MMT Upgrade to Single 75mm - $14.00
1/2-Scale Patriot MMT Upgrade to Single 98mm - $15.00
1/2-Scale Patriot MMT Upgrade to Single 75mm GiantKS (w/o Adapters) - $31.00
1/2-Scale Patriot MMT Upgrade to Single 98mm GiantKS (w/o Adapters) - $32.00


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